St. Columba's Church of Scotland

What we believe

What We Believe

St. Columba’s Church is an evangelical Christian congregation. We are not shy about saying that. We are Bible-focused and Bible-believing.

We believe that God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to rescue the people of the world from sin and all of its effects. We believe that God created all things and that he wants us to look after the world and our environment. We also believe that Jesus was conceived and born whilst his mother, Mary, remained a virgin. The Holy Spirit caused this to happen.

In that way he combined in himself both human and divine natures in a way that enabled him to live without fault or failure, and allowed him to die as a blameless sacrifice. In his death on a cross, he took the blame for our rebellion against God and the rap for our moral failure. He received our punishment, and then bodily rose to life again.

He proved his resurrection in many conclusive ways and then went back to heaven after forty days. Right now Jesus is at God’s right hand side, waiting to return to earth to complete his kingdom. In the meantime, the Holy Spirit has come to every follower of Christ to give them confidence in belonging to God and to empower them to live in ways that reflect well on Jesus Christ, building his kingdom.

When he comes back, Jesus will punish and banish Satan for good and put an end to suffering and death. Those who love Jesus will live with him forever, whilst those who resisted him will experience separation from God for eternity.

We feel that you would want to know where our church stands concerning the major Christian beliefs of the centuries, and we want you to know that we stand by the historic creeds of orthodox Christianity. We are proud to serve a God of miracles and power, who calls us to live a life of holiness and humility.

At St. Columba’s Church we are perfectly comfortable saying the Apostles Creed and are happy to stand by the Westminster Confession of Faith, which is a summary of the Christian beliefs of the Church of Scotland.

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